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Here is a memory – By Steve Maylam

Here is a memory – By Steve Maylam

Meet our new brother in Christ, former drug user & gang member. Gave his life to Jesus on Thursday, baptised in the river today at Earlham Park. He is already experiencing a transformation. There is forgiveness & power in the name of Jesus!!

Got quite emotional watching this morning. Never forget Brodie, who was caught up in gang life, drugs and had chronic insomnia/anxiety. Radical Church were holding meetings in a local park, having fellowship and food every week. Brodie began to join us, and came to hear the gospel.

One night we sat worshipping God, and he saw a vision of his life going in reverse. All the bad things he’d ever done, were being forgiven. He repented, gave his life to Jesus, and began to understand God’s love. He then went on to lead others to the Lord and local church community.

Brodie sadly passed away a few years ago, but is now with Jesus. Today we remember Brodie, and thank God for his life.