New Venue Trial


THIS SUNDAY 15:00 we are trying out our new location for’ One Week Only ‘we are doing Radical Sundays @ The Chapel.

(41 Wessex St, Norwich NR2 2TJ)  ( We are currently doing House of Prayer and Hope mentorship @ the Chapel and will look to relocate potentially In the third week of sept permanently )  With this in mind we would like to try out the venue on a sunday. So THIS SUNDAY WE ARE @ THE CHAPEL: 15:00

Parking: On sundays. there are lots of potential places to park. Spaces that are usually thirty mins or sixty mins are unlimited (westwick street, Norfolk Street, and Union street.)

Any queries please contact Matt.

Let’s make sure everyone gets a lift who needs one and shares cars. Any change is challenging and ths one has problems. But it is also an adventure and where we are being lead.

Norwich City needs Jesus. Norwich will be saved.