Orphanage Involvement

Cuddalore Orphanage.
Matthew and Beth have always had a heart for the children of the Cuddalore Orphanage in India.
As far back as 1984, Pastor Easterdoss and his family had a broad vision to start a home for the destitute, deserted, downtrodden street children of Cuddalore. That vision has now become a reality and now provides accommodation, food, clothing, care, education, love and a family for many of the poorest and abandoned children in Cuddalore. More importantly, the Pastor encourages the children to start a spiritual walk with Jesus Christ. He states that the “hand of the Lord is upon them. Some speak in tongues, some prophesy, and some pray for the demon possessed”.
In August 2006 (before the days of Radical) Matthew and Beth on revisiting the orphanage were overjoyed at that happiness of the children many of who had been affected by the 2004 Asian Tsunami. Even though they had nothing. they were the happiest children they had ever met.
At the time of that visit, there were 83 children in the orphanage ranging from 3 years old to 18 years old. It was clearly evident how great an impact the love, care and the heart of Christ can have on the children.
Today we at Radical continue to support the orphanage. We have a desire to see volunteers, through the charity, going out to spend
time at the orphanage. There is also scope for people to sponsor children to pay for their education, clothing, food, medical expenses, and accommodation.
If you would like further information on any of the above, then you may CONTACT US directly through this website. You may also e-mail mattbeth7180@yahoo.com. YOU can make a difference!
To see a short Video of the children in the orphange Orphange select ORPHANAGE VIDEO